CarLogik Community Guidelines

At CarLogik, we connect you with great service providers in the automotive industry. Help us create an environment where you help others by providing feedback on the job completed by the auto service providers. Although we welcome your ratings, reviews, comments, and funny jokes, we are strict about our community guidelines that we request you to follow. Only a customer who has had work done on their car with the service provider in question can leave a review. This allows us to verify that reviews on our platform come from genuine customers.

*Your* experience

Please ensure that your ratings and comments are a record of your recent experience with the service provider, and not something from a long time ago, and not an experience of a family member or friend. Reviews left on the CarLogik platform must be reviewing your experience with the service provider and not your experience with CarLogik or the booking process. If you have any concerns or comments on your experience with CarLogik please Contact Us on 800LOGIK or email us at For bookings made via CarLogik, if comments on your experience include details on tasks that were not added to the booking upon checkout, we may not publish the review. The exception to this would be where you book in for an inspection via CarLogik and then complete additional repairs.

Defamatory, obscene, racist, or insulting comments

In addition to keeping all comments legal, in accordance with UAE law, we want all feedback to be constructive. Thus, the following will not be permitted under any circumstances:
  • Obscenity or vulgarity
  • Racial / ethnic slurs
  • Hate speech or prejudiced comments
  • Personal insults of any sort
  • Hostile comments and threatening language
  • Any comments that could be used to identify an individual
Any comments that could be used to identify an individual will not be published, under any circumstances. CarLogik will also have the right to reject the customer any future business if such behaviour persists. Oh, and our moderator Mr. Logik is very strict about the quality of jokes appearing anywhere on our site. If you want to be funny, please be funny! Any silly, boring, dull, humourless, and unamusing jokes will be taken down.”

Moderating Reviews

We reserve the right to moderate comments. Mr. Logik will act as judge, jury, and executioner, and will not publish any material that does not comply with these guidelines. Off course the customer will be notified in case a comment is rejected and will have the chance to amend it. We may also choose to edit some comments before publication, but only to correct typos, but we will not change the commenters' general opinion of their customer experience with the service provider. Service provider replies will also be moderated.

Dispute resolution

In case a customer’s review is disputed by a service provider, we will conduct an investigation to ensure that what is described in a review is correct and that no misleading information has been published. This investigation may involve us contacting both the reviewer and service provider to provide evidence that supports the events in their review or dispute. If a customer or service provider is uncontactable or refuses to cooperate during the review dispute resolution process, we reserve the right to either reject or accept the review at our sole discretion.

Be a little patient

There may be a lag between when you post your comment, and when it is published. As all comments are moderated, so please be a little patient with us!

Our goal

Transparency. We aim to offer you a service you trust. In providing the opportunity to pass on feedback we improve the customer experience for everyone – customers and service providers alike. Thank you very much for your business! We appreciate the time you take to rate and comment on your experience with service providers on our platform: our partners.